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Big Faith Questions

Who is Jesus?

People have asked this question for over 2000 years.


People hold a multitude of opinions about who this man was.


But what does The Bible say?

The Bible tells us that Jesus was more than simply a historical figure

or religious revolutionary.

He was truly God, yet He also fully human.


Jesus Christ died for the wrong-doing of all mankind,

but that was not the end of His-story!


Three days later He rose from death and still lives today.


He is our Saviour & He is God with us.

And He is waiting for you to open your heart to meet Him.

Am I really saved?

This question troubles many Christians.

If you have trusted in Jesus and received Him as your Saviour but still doubt whether or not you’re really saved, it can be really difficult to walk forward in your Christian life.

But here’s Good News! 

Your salvation is not based on your feelings, which can change like the wind,  but instead it is rooted in the unchanging Word of God. God Himself wants you to know without a doubt that you are saved.


The Bible reassures us.


Watch the video below to see how you can, and should, be certain that you are saved when you put your faith and trust in Jesus.

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